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Series ZYT pm DC motor

Series ZYT pm DC motor
Product Details

Series ZYT pm DC motor is classified according to there is no brush, generally can be divided into two, one is the permanent magnet brushless DC motor; another is the permanent magnet brushless DC motor. Main motor is a kind of magnetic field of the motor, speed adjustment method is very simple, can be adjusted changing the armature voltage, and it has many advantages compared to other motor is. Series ZYT pm DC motor is the main motor, and drive combination of, is a very typical of mechanical and electrical products, can have many uses.

Series ZYT pm DC motor is small in size, simple structure, high efficiency, long life and so on characteristics of power is very small. There are many types of this type of motor, depending on the performance and production methods can include permanent magnet micro DC motors and stepper motor reducer, kind, every category has its own characteristics and performance. DC motor is applied in many industries, you can bank money counter, electric bicycles and motorcycles, there are cameras and so on all have corresponding application, can also be used in high-end products.

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