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DC permanent magnet motor

DC permanent magnet motor
Product Details

Series ZYT pm DC motor with enclosed self-cooled ferrite permanent magnets. This series motors have small size, light weight, high, low noise, product line a high degree of waiting and high degree of component commonality, is widely used in various mechanical and Automation control systems for the implementation of components or drive unit.

This series motors can be equipped with the WK, the SK series DC power supply, realizing stepless speed control, tension control, positive and negative features such as running;

This series motors can be used with a variety of series reducer tie meet users ' different requirements for speed, torque, installation position.

DC permanent magnet motor is a type of DC motor, it consists of a set up magnetic fields of permanent magnet motor or block device, similar in terms of product performance and constant magnet motor, can all be effectively by changing the armature voltage control. This kind of equipment simple structure, so in the manufacturing process is very simple, because selected high quality materials make products not only are small in size and light weight, to a large extent, improve the work efficiency, you can say this is the main type of low power DC motors.

Permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in portable electronic devices and appliances, including, typically, tape recorders, electric phonographs, electric massage and a variety of toys in addition to automobiles, ships and even aerospace, machinery and other industries have varying degrees of application. Of course in some sophisticated products industry also involves, including VCRs, photocopiers, etc; in terms of stage lights, in most cases is to use a DC permanent magnet motor in the computer industry, printers, scanners, and so on are used to this kind of product.

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