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Brushless motor

Brushless motor
Product Details

Brushless motor is a very typical integration product, is made from a combination of electric motors and drives the motor, it is run by self-. This type of motor is no electric brushes for machines and equipment, but it has the characteristics of electric brush and the nature and frequency-dependent devices, are worthy of attention in the industry, operating efficiency is a very fast, low-speed torque. Brushless motor speed accuracy is very high, in recent years, this type of motor has become a driving force in the field of many models, due to the development of machining technology, falling costs of production, are used in many levels.

Corresponds to the brushless motor is a brush motor, in fact it has many types, specifications varied, depending on the performance and forms can be divided into such as carbon brush and brushless DC motors according to different properties can be included step-motor Brushless Motor reducer type. This type of motor control requirements are very high, for motor speed has very strict requirements, other types of brushless motor service life is not as good as machines and equipment. Our company is specialized in the production, manufacture of electrical products, the production of products with a lot of features, performance, product quality and so on.

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