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High-power DC motor

High-power DC motor
Product Details

DC high power motor is actually the motor or engine, mainly through the principle of electromagnetic induction to drive the rotation of the rotor, again powered by a rotor pinion on engines driving flywheel spinning. Main motor rotation principle is based on comes from Fleming left-hand rule, specifically refers to placing a wire within a magnetic field, if you wire through the current, then it will make the cut wires to carry out magnetic field lines, so that the wire moves. When the current into the coil generates a magnetic field, magnetic effects of electric current to make electromagnet device for continuous rotation in the permanent magnet, this process can turn electrical energy into mechanical energy.

First set of coil permanent magnet and another set of coil produces a magnetic field through interaction and generate power, main principle of DC motor stator is fixed rotor force after interaction with produced mainly in the direction of motion. Compare with DC motors, AC motors there are obvious differences on the recanalization after coil of the stator winding, it is alternating current, in the case of power will produce a rotating magnetic field, because the rotating magnetic field by means of special attraction to attract combined with the rotation of the rotor, this motor is in a running state.

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