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DC micro-reducer

DC micro-reducer
Product Details

DC micro-reducer is currently using a very wide range of machines and equipment, welcome and use of the products by the public, mainly machine itself has a variety of performance features, in order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of reducer, using process should note the following:

One is strictly prohibited with gravity hammer. Because of the speed reducer mounted on the output shaft coupling, pulley or sprocket and other types of coupling, so make sure you cannot direct the gravity hammer;

Second, in front of the machine should be at the highest Bleed screw on the plug replaced, the main objective is to ensure that the reducer gas will run that process the body, if there is no timely replacement will make the reducer in the running state for a long time, so likely to gas inside the gearbox oil seal swelling bad lead speed reducer oil spill;

Third, the machine in time to change the oil, should pay special attention to is the first oil change, slowed down after the first 300 hours of continuous use and timely oil changes, while during a specific time period for lubricant replacement; if found oil fouling occurs, metamorphic, and requires timely oil changes, ensure that the lubricating oil to clean and thus extend the life of reducer.

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