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YY series motor

YY series motor
Product Details

This series is composed of JB series gear reducer, electronic speed control, forward and reverse operation of motor three-part of mechatronic products. Machine through different combinations of the three parts, performance of different products are available.

YY series motor is a type of AC motor, such machinery and equipment primarily used for mechanical energy conversion operation with AC power, it is because of rapid development of AC motor so it makes practical operations for this increased demand for machinery and equipment. YY series motor when using all fit together and the reducer use, so it can make them get better performance, but also to complete the operation. There are many types of AC motors in addition to YY series models also YS series products, their performance was equally good.

YY series motor can show a lot of advantages in use, they all have very good corrosion resistance, shock resistance is also very good, in operation process is relatively easy. But we must pay attention to some problems when using these devices, so it can make their performances even better. Specific attention to the steps is for their lubrication operation, because we know that ultimately, the motor consists of a bearing, so make sure when using good bearing service is smooth. Used lubricating oil is also selective, generally use of lipid containing lubricating oil, so that it can achieve better results.

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