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Three-phase AC motor

Three-phase AC motor
Product Details

Three-phase AC motor torque motor for short, this is a special motor with multiple properties, products are the most prominent feature is the strong mechanical properties and wide speed range, in addition to its low speed and big torque during operation, and have a high overload capacity, AC torque motor axis of the main output power is constant torque. Specifically the products and AC servo motors have more or less the same point, in the speed range and mechanical properties are achieved by increasing rotor resistance; compared with ordinary induction motor output power less of the former.

Three-phase AC torque motor guide materials are generally used for the rotor of material with high resistivity, leading to effective moment resistance of the motor rotor itself contains and ordinary motor rotor resistance are much bigger. According to the different design parameters, mechanical properties and applications of torque motor is divided into two categories: one is the constant torque characteristics of torque, the other is wound characteristics of torque motor. Characteristics of winding machine tension transmission can be achieved to a certain extent, so it is very suitable for printing and dyeing machinery and other industries.

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