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Motors and gear motors

Motors and gear motors
Product Details

AC gear motor is an AC combination of motors and gear motors, gear motor consists of two parts of motor and reducer. Generally the class machine products has variety unique advantages, not only efficiency high and in using of when has high of security reliability, in late of maintenance aspects is very of simple convenient, because has variety unique performance so makes the class products was widely for social multiple industry in the, which products of series also including single level, and two level, and and three level, installation of way is variety, main including expand type, and with axis type and shunt type.

Exchange deceleration motor has is superior of performance, energy consumption very low and has high of reducer efficiency, in using of process in the not produced had big of noise or is vibration; because used new of sealed sex device, so has excellence of protection performance, on environment has strong of adaptability, even also can in wet, and corrosion, bad weather in the normal work; in late of maintenance maintenance in the only need alternate minority of drive parts on can guarantee line of normal clean. These products excellent properties are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, printing, and many other different industries.

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