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Worm gear reducer motor

Worm gear reducer motor
Product Details

Worm gear motors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the national technology and quality standards, and absorbing foreign advanced technology, unique box-type structure, so the overall modeling is very beautiful; in addition because the selection of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting, and so are unique in quality and performance. This kind of product at the time of installation need to be aware of the following considerations:

First, as far as possible according to the actual requirements and install them using a variety of different forms, and its six sides allows efficient installation;

Second, between the reducer and the prime mover of bodies must be carefully checked, errors cannot be larger than the replenishment of the coupling;

Third, after the install by hand rotation, must be seizure-free and flexible behavior does not occur.

Worm gear reducer motor in addition to the installation of extra attention, in addition to the amount of oil added is also very important, for which many users do not know how to add to reducer to maintain the best condition. In Add user must add oil according to the instructions, is generally content is two-thirds of the total oil window, but remember not to run turbine reducers add lubricating oil to the State.

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