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Stepper Motor reducer

Stepper Motor reducer
Product Details

DC planetary gear motor range, including brushless gear motors and brushless DC geared motor two types, either have their own unique advantages. Has brush DC motor specific for is refers to carbon brush deceleration motor, usually in carbon brush for operation of when, once with finished carbon brush so the machine equipment of using life also will end; but DC no brush motor phase compared, more has unique advantage, in using of when is not by carbon brush of control, so has more long of using life, run process in the also not produced had big of noise, also in market aspects is very of reasonable.

Along with social progress and the development of various industries, DC planetary gear motor is becoming more and more widely used, not only for Office Automation, home automation, production, but also in areas such as medical equipment, financial machinery has a different application. These products are warmly welcomed by the people, mainly because it has many good properties: machines use high quality material as raw material, combined with advanced production technology, making finished products not only have a larger carrying capacity, but at the time of delivery is very smooth and reliable.

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