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Problems gearbox oil change
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-08

Reducer purposes slows the machine, can be divided into single gear reducer NMRV series worm gear reducer, and cylindrical gear reducer and so on. The application is very extensive, and can be used in metallurgy, coal, shipbuilding, power, petrochemical and other industries. Reducer has been in China for 40 years, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, petroleum machinery on the reducer has a very big demand, reducer potential for development is great, but the competition is fierce, so speed reducer needs to be continuously creative, consistent with social development.

Reducer began 200-300 hours later, will start an oil change. After use you should always view the quality of oil, not pure oil must be replaced. Under normal circumstances, for the continuing work of reducer, should I change oil every year, not how to use the reducer, in again before you use it for an oil change. Deceleration machine using a brand of oil, do not mix different brands of oil. Oil change the time to cut off power, wait for the reducer cooling down again, it's best to keep warm, or the oil more viscous. When used, the oil temperature is too high to stop using, checking, elimination of danger before use.