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Gear used appears in the question
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-08

Reducer is to play a role in slowing the machine, is a high precision machinery. Reducers have many types of micro DC geared machine, turbine reducers, planetary speed reducer for servo motor, etc. It has been widely used in machinery industry. Reducer failure may occur during use, wear gears, shafts, bearing wear and so on, there is leakage in reducer. If there is any wear, to processing repair. But repair will also have some disadvantages, if welding is used it can cause material damage, easy to bend or break. Brush plating is easy to fall off.

Reducer industry development of our country for about 40 years, reducers can be used in construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, chemical machinery, rubber machinery, and other industries. Reducer technology in China in the 1960 's technology is based on the Soviet Union, although it has its own development, but production is limited, so far behind the international level. Reform and opening up, China has introduced advanced equipment and technology, before slowly onto the right track. Reducer industry, competition is fierce, so it has to continue to progress and development, eliminate backward products, improvement of new products.