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Planetary reducer reducer--a leader in the
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-08

Reducer is widely used in many sectors, gearbox also has many types, planetary reducer, mini servo motor reducer, reducers and so on, different speed reducer and its performance are not the same. Here, says performance is excellent planetary reducer.

Planetary reducer is very small in size, is very light. Planetary reducer box using a ductile iron, can effectively improve the rigidity of the body, and its performance is very good. Their gear after a special treatment, in use noise is small, so its work more efficiently, can also extend the life of reducer. Planetary reducer joining lubricants when joining and reducer models suitable for lubricants, planetary reducer with oil ducts and plug, so buy planetary reducer must say planetary reducer mounting position. Deceleration machine may will occurred infiltration oil, its occurred infiltration oil may is tank in of pressure too high, in deceleration machine using process in the, its will constantly of produced heat, and tank is sealed environment, tank within of pressure with temperature of increased and increased, such oil on will splash, if tank of sealed enough words, oil on will from sealed not strict of place leakage out.