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Reducer, which at the time of installation problems related
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-08

Reducer is used to make instruments achieve the deceleration device. Reducers have many kinds, planetary reducer, reducers, turbine reducers, etc. Briefly explain the planetary reducer.

Planetary gear reducer size is very small, but its efficiency is very high, use a wide range of, its performance and military-grade gear a spell, but its low price, but price of industrial reducers. Because of its high performance, many industries will select the reducer, such as metallurgy, transportation, energy, transportation and other industries. Planetary reducer installation times, first to check the motor and reducer, determine its normal use, to check whether the connected parts of the motor and reducer to match. Motor and reducer connecting line when you want to determine the input and output shafts, if the concentricity is inconsistent, and may be broken or the motor shaft gear reducer being hurt. At the time of installation, can not use hammers, strokes, avoid making too much damage to the bearings or gears. Before installation, the motor and reducer connecting parts of the oil to be removed, so that we can more closely connected, use more flexible. Planetary speed reducer needs to be filled into the grease, grease needs to be selected according to their type.


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