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Reducer works
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-02

Simply speaking, is the use of gears at all levels to achieve the goal of speed. reducer is made up of gears at all levels. for example, driven by the pinion gear will be able to achieve a certain objective of slowing down, hierarchical structure, you can greatly reduce the speed.

Gear generally used for low speed, high torque transmission equipment, motor or other high speed power reducer input shaft of less number of teeth on the gear on the output shaft of gear to achieve the aim of slowing down, ordinary reducers will have several pairs of the same principle of deceleration in gear to achieve the desired effect, the size of the number of teeth of the gear ratio, is the ratio.

Deceleration machine General for low speed big torque of drive equipment, put motor. engine or other high-speed running of power through deceleration machine of entered axis Shang of tooth number less of gear meshing output axis Shang of big gear to reached deceleration of purpose, General of deceleration machine also will has several on same principle gear reached ideal of deceleration effect, size gear of tooth number of than, is ratio.

Speed reducer is a dynamic communication agency, used gear speed converters, the rotation speed of the motor to the number you want, and the bodies of larger torque.


1, spin down while improving output torque, torque motor output so that the output rate reduction ratio, but be careful not to exceed the rated torque of reducer.

2, deceleration, while reducing the inertia of the load, inertia reduced to the square of the ratio. Gearbox types generally have helical gear reducer (including inclined speed reduction gears with parallel shafts, worm gear speed reducer, gear reducer, etc), planetary gear reducers, worm gear reducer and so on.