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DC gear motors open or close operation of the importance
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-02

DC geared motor guard line within the so-called row spectators, we outsiders may think that switching DC geared motor is a very simple operation, but if our improper operation may result in accidents from happening, at this point we know in detail.

1, the reactance of electric potential. This is the electromotive force generated by the self inductance and mutual inductance, refers to the other components of the current transformer EMF EMF commutation element changes study of self-induced refers to the directional component is due to changes in current induced electromotive force, we are collectively referred to as two reactor potential. Because the self inductance and mutual inductance voltage keeps current changes, so the self inductance and mutual inductance voltage and current direction of forward foreign exchange transactions with the same ingredients.

2, start a direct, small DC geared motor can be started directly at the rated voltage. Method is to start the motor excitation excitation current maximum first. When the incentive for establishment of a magnetic field, so that the armature (rotor) winding is directly coupled with the rated voltage, the motor will start. During the boot process, the armature (rotor) surge current starting current.