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Permanent magnet DC motor trend
Edit:Zibo Bo reducer factory   UpDate:2016-03-02

Permanent magnet DC motor trend is:

⑴ the flat light. Such as tape recorders, electric phonographs, Walkman, tape recorders and other equipment, sheet motor favored. ⑵ brushless. Such as video, higher demands on the drum and the spindle motor, which is the key element for ensuring quality, so now most of the brushless DC motor, in order to increase reliability, high efficiency and low noise reduction. C high speed. In 2000 Japan Symposium and exhibition on small motors, Sankyo, Canon, Panasonic and other companies showed a DVD spindle motor, CD-ROM motors, speeds are above 2000r/min, in order to overcome the problem of high speed bearings and noise, using the dynamic pressure bearing structure. Comparing air and fluid dynamic pressure bearing and ball bearing, in terms of volume, speed, noise and cleanliness were improved, and low production cost, its application fields expanding. D high precision. Tape recorder motor speed error is not greater than 0.75% and less than 32dB of noise, Wow and flutter rate is less than 0.03%. Is VCR drum drum motor servo system's major components requiring drum motor torque ripple small, low noise, high mechanical precision, good dynamic properties. Spindle motor for DVD require motors in conjunction with disc end wheel machining precision and equipped with high precision dial face runout less than 20 μ m. Requires high precision permanent magnet motor is an inevitable trend in the future. Above is the trend of the permanent magnet DC motor development.


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