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Gear DC motor

Gear DC motor
Product Details

Gear DC motor is actually the gear motor, specifically on the basis of common DC motor, it is through new technologies and improved, be introduced into the machine on the specific location of accessory gearbox. Add gearbox's primary role is to be able to achieve a lower speed and high torque if gearbox reduction ratio can also provide different types provide different torque and speed, this advantage is to a large extent the DC gearmotor use in automation rate.

DC gear motor is actually reducer between motor and motor combination; because the integration features the machine is also known as gear motors or gear motor. All products both in quality and performance is guaranteed, by virtue of superior product performance is what makes gear motors are widely used in iron and steel and machinery industries; most users will choose to use the geared motor is mainly because of its simplified design and space saving advantages. Companies providing most professional gear products for the masses, and after assembling good start sets supplied.

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